Lucid Dreams

17. May 2021

Lucid Dreams is the second novel by award-winning author Eva Koff.

What shall we see when we step inside a dream? Is it reality? Or is it something outside reality? If our dreams can be examined then how can one say that they are but an insignificant by-product of life? What IS real? Our body stands on bones and muscles but what keeps going our mind? Is there anything in this world we can really trust?

The characters of the novel live in two places at the same time, like we all do: there’s the world we can touch and then there’s the other one – the world of our thoughts, fantasies and dreams. Until one day something inexplicable happens in a company based in Tallinn. Something that touches the lives of four main characters of the novel. For those four, as for all of us, the physical world is not enough, they aspire to something bigger: why not try and discover some new, yet undiscovered levels of life, why not try and see the invisible?